Details for Solar and Renewable Building Codes in the MENA Region

Name:Solar and Renewable Building Codes in the MENA Region
Description:The document provides an overview of the specific situation of solar and renewable building codes in the MENA region. Solar/renewable building codes are a popular demand–side support scheme by the industry. Although a small number of 22 countries have implemented such policies yet, among them are two from the MENA Region - Israel and Jordan. The countries of the Golf Cooperation Council (GCC) take a completely different path to green and sustainable buildings following the World Green Building Council. There are 823 premises in the United Arab Emirates, 218 in Saudi Arabia and 97 in Qatar that have a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation. This rating scheme is mostly voluntary and allows gaining points in a wide range of categories including energy, water, material, indoor environmental quality etc. The impact of such green building codes for solar thermal technology is rather small. Only a certain part of the high-rated buildings rely on onsite renewable energy production. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi made the green building code Estidama mandatory for new buildings. Qatar announced a compulsory regulation for 2016 - based on the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) developed in the region. Solar obligations are not discussed in these countries, but most probably also not known yet. The world Map of solar/renewable building codes gives in graphic form an overview of all implemented building codes worldwide, with a special focus to Europe, differentiating by colours, special items and comments.
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